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safety measures

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As air travel begins to open up and people are looking for a stress-free, safe, vacation experience, we are working hard to ensure availability on our activities for our charterers.

We take you and your health very seriously and have taken precautions to help keep you and your guests safe whilst sailing with us and to give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your time out on the water to the fullest.

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our crew wears recommended protective gear at all times when in contact with the guests and are fully trained on new safety standards.

yachts and fishin' staff are temperature-checked daily before the workday begins and again after lunch.



please practice safe social distancing by staying at least

6 feet apart from crew onboard at al times.

bring and wear your own cloth face covering.

for your safety we check your temperature before boarding.

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strict handwashing and sanitizing policies have been put in place. all surfaces in trafficked areas (walkways, railings common seating areas etc) will be sanitized before and after each private charter.

we extensively clean all snorkeling gear before and after all charters (you can bring your own gear). 

hand-washing station will be available during the tour.



please note that this protocol keeps changing, so we advise you to check them often.

when you book with us and if the protocol prevents you from going through with your charter at the time you had planned, we will reschedule at no extra charge.

we take the COVID-19 and other safety precautions very seriously- and welcome you to a safe environment on our boats.

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