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yachts and fishin' since 2015

first time here? don't worry It's common to have lot's of questions, especially if you’ve never done this before, we are happy to assist you.

yachts and fishin' since 2015
yachts and fishin' since 2015
yachts and fishin' since 2015

where are the docks located?

how far in advance should i book?

how do i reserve?
what is the deposit?

where do we cruise to, where do we go?

whats is the minimum amount of hours?

can i wear shoes onboard?

what is your lost and found policy?

i tend to get seasick
can i still go?

is smoking allowed?

is snorkeling equipment included?

is the deposit

whats is your
booking policy?

yachts and fishin' since 2015


We are located in beautiful marina of puerto aventuras, a 25 min ride from downtown playa del carmen or 40 min from tulum.  you can book a shuttle with us to pick you up at your hotel, click HERE to open on google.


We will send you the location of your yacht in cancun as we have them moored in different marinas.

We do not ship forgotten items, so please double check your personal belongings when leaving, guest are responsible for their personal items. We will not be held accountable for any lost items or items left on the yacht. However, we will always do our best to recover lost items. Please be sure to check your vessel before departing the marina.


4 hour charters (half day)  for playa del carmen and tulum 

6 hour charters is the minimum departing from cancun

PLAYA DEL CARMEN 4 - 6 hour charters, we visit inah reef or xpu-ha and la bocana cove 

TULUM RUINS 8 hour charters

COZUMEL 8 hour charters we anchor at a private pier in palancar

ISLA MUJERES 6 hour charters, we visit at playa norte

The sooner the better! we recommmend saving your date

2-3 months prior to your tour, this way you can choose your favorite boat,  the destination you would like to visit and your departure time.

Deposits vary from 30%-50% USD depending the marina you choose to set sail from.

If you book a last minute tour, we do require 100% of the payment.

COVID related cancellations 100% refund with positive lab test proof.

Weather forecasts are not accurate, The climate chages a lot and very often here in the caribbean,  Scattered showers are a usual thing here, but don´t worry we have reliable sources we check on.


If the port is closed, we'll inform you on the same day and try to reschedule your tour. If it's not possible to reschedule, we will refund your deposit. your happiness is our priority. 

Shoes are not allowed onboard due to the sensitive nature of the flooring and decking.

Smoking is allowed only on open areas of the boats, never throw any cigarret butts to the ocean we are a nature-friendly company and we want to take care of this beautiful paradise we live on.  

Yes, all of our yachts are fully equipped with goggles, snorkels, fins and life vests with different sizes to fit all of your family members.

We always choose a smooth ride, we are local experts and if you or any of your friends prefer to stay at a calmer spot no problem, just let the captain know that you want to visit La Bocana cove, a secluded inlet with calmer waters, if you are prone to motion sickness, take a dramamine pill 1 hour before your charter.

Making your reservation us, you are agreeing terms and conditions, travel arrangements and suppliers that are applicable to your booking.


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