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4 - 6 hrs

yachts and fishin' since 2015

top-shelf bar

yachts and fishin' since 2015
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yachts and fishin' since 2015


you can choose your meals here from a wide variety of premium options.

available: catamaran 36'four winns 37' | vandutch 40'lagoon 42' | azimut 43' afrikat 44' | leopard 51' | azimut 58'

half day charter

(4  to 6 hour)

included snacks

  • seasonal fruit: mix of seasonal and tropical fruit.

  • mayan guacamole: avocado salad, pico de gallo, coriander, lime and roasted pumpkin seeds.

  • traditional chickpea hummus: accompanied by pita bread, jocoque, olives and stuffed peppers.

  • mini cocktail: shrimp and avocado.

  • esquites: roasted corn kernels, herb mayonnaise, chili, lime and cotija cheese.

additional snacks **choose 2 options per group**

  • salmon mousse: salmon mousse bruchetta with caviar and dill.

  • serrano ham tapas: brie, tomato chutney and quenelle of tapenade.

  • caprese brochette: cherry tomato mix, marinated brocconcini, and fresh basil.

  • traditional nachos: served with cheddar and pico de gallo.

  • spicy potatoes: crispy diced potatoes with paprika and aioli dressing.

  • chicken skewers: marinated chicken in a skewer with roasted peppers and onions.

  • provoleta: served with dried tomatoes, mix of olives, fine hers and toast.

ceviches | sushi | seafood **choose 2 options per group**

  • traditional ceviche: served with pico de gallo, avocado and lime juice. (choose your protein: tuna fish, shrimp, mixed or vegan).

  • peruvian ceviche: with fish and tiger's milk served with sweet-potato purée, banana chips and fried corn. (choose your protein: mahi mahi, octopus or mushrooms). 

  • sushi rolls and nigiris: salmon, tuna fish, shrimp, vegetarian and vegan served with soy, terikayi and ponzu.

  • sashimi: salmon, tuna fish, and mahi mahi served with soy, terikayi and ponzu sauces.

  • causa limeña: traditional peruvian dish made with mashed potatoes, yellow peppers and olive coulis, srrved with anana chips (choose you protein: mahi mahi, tuna fish or mushrooms). 

  • green aguachile: served with cucumber, red onion, cilantro and seasonal sprouts. (choose your protein: mahi mahi, shrimp or vegetarian).

sandwiches **choose 1 option per group**

  • chapata: chicken or vegetarian, with gouda cheese, pesto, onion, sun-dried tomato, avocado and chipotle mayonnaise.

  • salmon bagel: smoked salmon, creame cheese with fresh dill, capers and soy salse reduction.

  • portobello burger: with roasted pineapple, roasted onion, mayonnaise and cheese.

  • choripán: argentinian chorizo sausage with chimichurri and creole sauce.

  • empanadas: humita (stewed sweet corn), meet, ham and cheese.

  • burrito: with roasted peppers, caramelized onion, rice and beans (choose your protein: beef, checken or mushrooms).

  • falafel: chickpeas patties with yogurt sauce, cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce in pita bread.

dessert **choose 1 option per group**

  • cheesecake: served with red berry sauce and hazelnut butter.

  •  chocolate covered strawberries.

  • chocolate brownie: with dulce de leche and caramel coated nuts.

  • strawberry foam.

  • alfajores.

  • mini pies: mini apples and nuts pies.

yachts and fishin'

snacks **choose 1 option per group**

  • chicken nuggets with dressing.

  • mozzarela fingers with dressing.

  • potato wedges with dressing.

main dishes **choose 1 option per group**

  • pasta pomodoro with cheese.

  • beef burger with cheddar cheese and dressing.

  • hotdog with dressing.

desserts **choose 1 option per group**

  • cheesecake.

  • chocolate brownies.

kids menu
*recommended to 12 and under

yachts and fishin'

unlimited top-shelf bar

  • Beer.

  • Absolut vodka.

  • Jimador Blanco tequila.

  • Fandango Joven mezcal.

  • Red Label Johnnie Walker and Jack Daniel's whiskey.

  • Bacardí Carta Blanca and Matusalen rum.

  • Beefeater and Bombay gin.

  • Cocktails: piña colada, mojito, daiquiri, margarita, tequila sunrise, red eye, carajillo, clamato prepared.

  • Juices (mango, pineapple, cranberry and orange), clamato, soft drinks (Coca Cola, Sprite, Squirt), fresh water and supplies of the day.

  • Coffee.

yachts and fishin' since 2015
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